Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bandit is alive

So a few years ago Ron hit a dear on the way home ....

RE: IT'S ALIVE!!! Or Bandit vs. Deer
(02-24-2010 10:23 AM)transplanted Wrote:  Are these forks damper rod or cartridge?

[Image: bentforks.jpg]
Damper Rod with Progressive springs, so i believe the damper rods are removed when the springs are installed.

I had the forks checked by Ryan at Riders Choice and they're kinked, so I'm trying to source new or used.

New the list price is somewhere around the $200.00 mark for EACH tube.

There's nothing on ebay. It looks like any year from '00 to '04 will fit my bike.


I went up to Suzuki of Newmarket today and picked up the rubber mounted bushing, 
then had Ryan at Riders Choice press them in for me. He charged a nominal fee that was really only coffee money,
and if you like dogs Moe will shake a paw, speak, sit, lie down, and kiss for cat treats and squeaky toys. Smile

I installed the bracket and mounted the footpeg, although the bracket moves around a bit, so I may employ some
washers as shims to tighten that up. I can shift gears again and sit on the bike with both feet up! Big Grin
Here's a shot of my high tech bike lift and stands in action. Wink

[Image: IMG00393.jpg]

[Image: IMG00394.jpg]
The front end as it used to be:
[Image: P1000392.jpg]

The foot peg before:
[Image: P1000391.jpg] 
So later we see Ron spending  a little time and money on getting her back on the road ..
Here She come poking her head out of the shed first time 4 year on two wheels

Below after a few laps around the block and a million smiles  ............................................................................................
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RE: IT'S ALIVE!!! Or Bandit vs. Deer
I lucked out with, a search with email alert let me know that some forks off of a 2003 
came up for sale for $150, by the time they crossed the border via USPS it was up to $189.00.

I threw them on the bandit last month, and that was all until today when Willie came over for a swim today,
after some good natured harassment, he had me wheel the bike out, we mounted the calipers and got the bike running
with the aid of my battery boost pack.

A few trips around the block, and I was enjoying being back on a heavy four cylinder street bike that likes to lean
into the corners. It was a very unfamiliar seating position, leaned so far forward to reach the controls, and that was on a Bandit! Big Grin

I'm hopeless.

It needs a battery and some front turn signals, as well as front brake pads and possibly part of one brake hose
and of course some insurance. Big Grin
[Image: IMG01081-20110703-1455.jpg]

[Image: ridebreakfix.jpg]
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Moto Ball

Back in 2006 we decided to have a little game of Moto Ball.
Need less to say Team XR kicked Ass.
Thanks Barry for sharing again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazing Stelvio Pass

Saw this video on another blog about the amazing Stelvio Pass located in the Italian Alps. Its sixty hairpin turns, 48 of them on the northern side numbered with stones, are a challenge to motorcyclists.
The video is very well put together and if you ride a motorcycle you will enjoy it.   The pass has amazing switchbacks as it goes up the mountain and provides breathtaking views of the valley.  This is one of the roads in my bucket list.
Make sure you watch in HD full screen, have patience and let it load before playing the video, it's worth it.